Or “winner” as they say in England..

The Fiat 500 has secured its place as best-seller in 11 European countries. It’s the little car with the huge personality that has clearly captured the hearts of the public.

Today it’s the most global Fiat, sold in more than 100 countries worldwide and with 80% of volumes generated outside Italy.

Synonymous with Italian style and chic, the Fiat 500 boasts more than 30 special series in its lifetime, contributing hugely to its success.

From the POP Essence which, supported by its sleek, rounded lines, to the high 500 Tech Mirror, there is a version of the 500 to suit every individual style, budget and taste. This little head-turner certainly takes the “chore” out of going from A to B, indeed it can safely be said that it brightens up the daily grind.

What’s not to love in this little “vincitore”?

If you’ve not yet fallen in love with it then why not test drive a Fiat 500 soon? Let it seduce you just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It’s so popular that if it were human it would be signing autographs.

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