The ever-changing years have seen a lot happen for Fabbrica Italia Automobili Torino, that’s FIAT to you and me. Founded 122 years ago by pioneering industrialist, one Giovanni Agnelli, this little car was born out of a futuristic factory in Turin. What a journey its’ been on ever since. From the 1985-2020, the Fiat has launched many iconic models from the Croma, the Regata, the Uno, the Fullback and of course, the 124 Spider, to name but a few. Now comes it’s most exciting, poignant and possibly most significant journey ever and you can be part of it.

The new, very special edition Fiat 500 (RED) will be arriving in the UK very soon.

U2 lead singer Bono, one of (RED)’s co-founders, attended the reveal of the 500 model at an event in Turin that also celebrated the launch of a new exhibition at Fiat’s museum, which is also there. Casa 500 is designed to showcase the company’s intertwined history with Turin, including the development of the 500 model over three generations.

What is so special about the Fiat 500 (RED) you ask?


The (RED) charity was founded 15 years ago to bring companies together in a bid to help beat global pandemics such as AIDS. The organization has since expanded its remit to combat not only that disease but also Covid-19. It has generated almost £513 million and helped more than 220 million people, with Fiat planning to contribute more than £2.9 million over the next three years.

(RED) and Fiat is a unique partnership that is aiming to continue to fight pandemics with each and every purchase of a (500) RED Family vehicle, creating the most ethical and relevant series. Every time you buy a (RED) product, your purchase triggers a donation to the global Fund to support a range of prevention, treatment, counselling, testing, education and care services to the communities most in need.

Furthermore, when you choose the 500 (RED), you choose a car that stands out for its unique design, colour, purpose and presence. Choices like this make the world a better place.

When you do something good, it shows and with the (RED) logo on the b-pilar of your 500 (RED), you’ll continue to look great.

You really will be wearing your heart on your sleeve.


Little details matter and with the 500 (RED), they are everywhere.

The (RED) edition of the 500 will be unlimited and, unsurprisingly, red – though grey, white and black will be available also. You can even choose to have it with a red driver’s seat, whilst the passenger seats are black.

With cool and innovative interiors: the red-painted dashboard comes complete with 500 black logo.

The red wing mirror covers are one detail that makes the 500 (RED) so clear in its commitment.

The optional 16” alloy wheels with their (RED) wheel’s hubcap are a thing of beauty in movement.


The new fabric black or red seats come with the Fiat monogram which is made from Seaqual Yarn, a special material derived from recycled plastic, black or red piping and the dedicated logo.


(500) RED provides you with a brand-new (FIAT) RED kit which contains products to offer you a healthier atmosphere inside the car.

In speaking about Fiat from their famous old Lingotto factory in Turin, (the one with the roof top test track which is now home to Europe’s highest hanging garden, another project by Fiat to “protect the planet and its people)”, Bono said;-“I love this company, (Fiat). My father drove a Fiat. My first car was a Fiat. My next car will be this Fiat.”

It was even Bono’s suggestion that the accelerator pedal on the 500 (RED) should be, you guessed it, red. “This partnership is a powerful shot in the arm for (RED)’s fight against pandemics and the complacency that fuels them”, said the singer.

“It’s hard to believe that 15 years on from (RED)’s founding, we are now fighting another virus but it’s even harder to see the virus of injustice that marked the AIDS pandemic is alive and well during Covid-19. He continues; “This company, (Fiat), gave people jobs after the Second World War, which was to give life. Now, you have this pioneering company saying it wants to help drive Covid-19 off the face of the planet and with the new (500) RED, it won’t even need petrol to do it. Fiat wants to be as green as it can while it’s going (RED) and that is a real reason to punch the air. “

The all-electric Fiat 500 (RED) special edition will be offered in both hatchback and convertible body styles and with a choice of battery capacities. You can even enjoy a special welcome kit at the time of delivery which includes a specific car key cover and a customized dispenser.

Seeing (RED)?

You certainly will be.

The (500) RED models will be available in the UK from around the end of this year.

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