Why Go Electric: Benefits of EV

The benefits of electric vehicles are clear, with every manufacturer having at least 1 electrified model within its line up with more to be launched.

The growing choice means that there is an EV to suit everyone.

Drivers need to look beyond the upfront costs when considering an electric car.

Over the life of owning an EV, you could benefit from major cost efficiencies, greater convenience, comfort, and performance, as well as improving the environment around us.

One of the biggest advantages of driving electric is the improvement it can make to  the environment we live in.  Pure electric vehicles have no tailpipe, so they don’t emit any exhaust gases, which  reduces local air pollution, particularly in congested cities.  Electric cars are an attractive solution for councils challenged to clean up air quality  to improve their residents’ health and quality of life.
Some areas are introducing Clean Air Zones with fees designed to discourage polluting  vehicles from entering certain areas, with a key benefit of an electric car is being  exempt from these charges.  For example, once registered, electric car drivers in London can travel in both  the congestion zone and the new Ultra Low Emission Zone for free.   If this is a journey that you make often, the cost savings can be enormous.  The Ultra Low Emission Zone for example costs £12.50 a day for cars, which in a normal  working year means you could save as much as £2,875 on top of any fuel savings.
One of the main advantages of electric cars is they're cheaper to run than an ICE.  On average, an electric car costs about 2p per mile to drive.  The average petrol equivalent is about 6 times that at 12p per mile. *  Better still, some councils and workplaces offer free or low-cost charging benefits.  This means that there are even opportunities to get your fuel for free in some places.  Pure electric cars also benefit from zero road tax whilst some plug-in hybrids receive an annual discount.   With fewer moving parts, electric cars need less maintenance and servicing is much simpler. *Based on a petrol Nissan Juke 1.0 DIG-T 117 and a fuel cost of 110p per litre

*Based on a petrol Nissan Juke 1.0 DIG-T 117 and a fuel cost of 110p per litre