Alfa Romeo Partners with British Tailor Hawes & Curtis

Suit features the finest Italian wool combined with delicate mesh lining for water resistant and breathable effect inspired by Alfa Romeo Giulietta unique DNA driving mode selector with all-weather option.

Italian automotive marque Alfa Romeo has partnered with British tailor Hawes & Curtis of Jermyn St, London to produce a tailor’s first all-weather suit, the perfect style solution for a ‘heat-wave’ or rainy day. This innovative and fashion-forward concept suit takes inspiration from the automaker’s renowned Italian heritage and the marque’s Alfa Giulietta design and technology combined to exhibit the perfect balance of innovation and fashionable design.

Designed to meet the needs of the modern professional, Hawes & Curtis models donned the Italian-made suit and the custom made women’s shirt for a photo shoot in central London, with Canary Wharf as the backdrop. To complete the bespoke yet high-end appeal, an array of essential Giulietta accessories all complete with Alfa Romeo’s iconic logo is provided as standard.

Kate Regan - Hawes & Curtis Designer, commented: “The limited edition pieces are inspired by the Giulietta’s refined design features and performance. Beautiful details such as the fluid lines of the car and the characteristic red highlights along the interior upholstery are echoed in the garments. I designed the items having in mind the corporate professionals who appreciate sleek design, attention to detail and impeccable quality.”

Find out more about the New Alfa Romeo Giulietta now available at Glyn Hopkin.