Alfa Romeo at Milan Design Week 2017

The week dominated by international design is set to open in Milan, and will be showcasing the Alfa Romeo franchise at Milan Design Week in the finest of locations: Spazio Zegna at Via Savona 56, exclusively decorated for the grand occasion in the stylistic idiom of the premium brand, which has been inspiring and delighting the world for more than a century with an attractive line achieved through a perfect blend of tradition, design and performance.

On 4th April, the exclusive vernissage of ‘Emozioni Alfa Romeo’ at Spazio Zegna celebrates the brand’s fundamental values: Beauty, design, innovation and technology. The exhibition will star Stelvio, Alfa Romeo’s first SUV in over a century of history, the Italian brand’s first SUV that encompasses the genuine ‘Alfa Spirit’ in a sport utility vehicle for the very first time.

Milan Design Week is a prestige event, specifically attuned to Alfa Romeo’s DNA. The excitement will be on peak during the evening of 4th April, when Zegna brand’s location will host the exclusive vernissage of the ‘Emozioni Alfa Romeo’ space, a celebration captured in images and words of the brand’s founding causal values of innovation and beauty. The very same elements produced the Giulia model in 2016 – the new Alfa Romeo paradigm and a source of inspiration for the future – once again expressed to the full in the irresistible Stelvio, carefully tailored to the different forms of a sport utility car.