Alfa Romeo 4C now in Europcar’s selection fleet  ​

The Alfa Romeo 4C will be made available to customers by the leading car hire service in Europe – Europcar.

Adding to the company’s selection fleet of luxury and fun vehicles, the lightweight sports car continues to support the investment in a premium motoring experience.

Justin Shaw, Fleet Director, Europcar UK Group said: “Alfa Romeo is a brand that combines quality design with sporting performance to deliver a thrill for motorists and that’s why we’re pleased to be able to add this new model to the Selection fleet.”

The Alfa Romeo 4C perfectly pairs design and technology to create a sports car that excites drivers and reignites their passion for the open road. It’s addition to Europcar’s Selection range means more drivers can full experience the dream of a 240hp, 160mph car for themselves.

Adding to his statement Justin Shaw went on to say that the Alfa Romeo 4C is the “perfect addition” for a ‘Selection service which is designed to bring motorists a VIP experience.”

Francis Bleasdale, Fleet and Business Sales Director, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK said he was “delighted” that the Alfa Romeo 4C has become available at Europcar and that they are now “giving more people the opportunity” to drive an award-winning car that has to be “driven to be believed.”  

For more information about the Alfa Romeo 4C and to arrange your test drive, visit our Alfa Romeo dealerships in Romford and St. Albans or contact us using the buttons above.