Alfa Romeo Finance Options

No dealership in the UK does finance quite like the Glyn Hopkin Group. We prioritise simplicity, with clear, precise and affordable financial plans suited to all individual circumstances.

With flexible contracts available, offering monthly payments and deposit amounts, your finance plan can be as simple as paying your monthly household bills. Our attractive financial arrangements include both new and used models, so you can arrange a payment contract suited to your requirements. This allows you to focus on enjoying your dream car.

The current selection of finance plans at Glyn Hopkin include:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Personal Contract Plans
  • Leasing
  • Contract Hire

Alongside these fantastic ways of funding your exciting new purchase, we also offer the following finance options.


In the unfortunate event that you should ever have your car written off by your motor insurers as a result of accidental damage, fire or theft there is a chance that the insurance settlement you receive may fall considerably short of the original invoice price of the car. In some cases the figure offered may not even be sufficient to pay off the finance settlement figure. GAP Insurance works by providing you with cover in the event of each eventuality.

Shortfall GAP Provides protection for you in the event that your finance settlement figure exceeds the insurance write off value by making up the difference between the two figures.

Subject to terms and conditions.

With two Alfa Romeo dealerships located in St Albans and Romford, we are ideally located to meet the needs of drivers in North London and across the South East.

For more information about your finance packages and to book a test drive in the car of your choice, contact us today. You can give us a call, fill in the online enquiry form on this page, or simply visit your nearest dealership whenever you can.

Significant and Unusual Exclusions or Limitations:

•The Insured Value of the vehicle is Glass's Guide Retail or the motor insurer settlement whichever is the higher.

•The total benefit covered under this policy shall not exceed £25,000.

•This insurance will not cover dealer fitted extras and accessories unless specified on the relevant manufacturer's price list, any road fund licence, new vehicle registration fee, fuel, paintwork and/or upholstery protection kits, insurance premiums (including this Premium), warranty premiums and any previous Negative Equity.

•You will not be covered in respect of any excess deducted under your Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy over £250.

•You must be insured under a Comprehensive UK Motor Insurance Policy.

•The Net Invoice Selling Price of Your vehicle does not exceed £60,000.

•Your Total Loss is covered when it occurs within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and member countries of the European Community.

•This Policy excludes any emergency vehicle, taxi, bus, truck, HGV, motorcycle or motorised mobility scooter.Please read the full list of exclusions in Your Policy Document and in particular the definition of Insured Vehicle.