The range of Renault vans can be transformed with our range of factory fitted and bespoke conversion solutions.

Renault are second to none when it comes to van conversions, and with a range of chassis and platform types, we can help find a van to meet your exact needs.

From ambulance conversions, construction conversions, minibus conversions, taxi conversions and refrigerator conversions, we can help.

For example why not transform your Renault Trafic van into a campervan? The Trafic vans are perfect, with square sides, a long wheelbase and high roof, there is a huge possibilities and configurations possible.

Factory converted vans

All factory conversions can be ordered directly from our dealership, provided with a full manufacturer warranty (four years / 100,000 miles). Here are just a few of the many options available.

Renault Master Van at Glyn Hopkin
Renault Master
Renault Vans at Glyn Hopkin
Renault Vans


Renault's range of vans are perfect for customers requiring Passenger and Patient carrying transport. The front wheel drive vehicles have a low floor for easy access, making them ideal for wheelchair users.

Both the Renault Trafic and Master are ideal for passenger carrying vehicles, with many Ambulance authorities choosing Master for transporting patients.


Renault vans provide an ideal base for custom tailored 'in vehicle' storage systems, hydraulic lifting equipment and bespoke handling solutions, making construction work a breeze and reducing manual handling.

Minibuses, mobility and taxis

Renault has been at the forefront of supplying vehicles for Motability purposes, with the Trafic and Master providing ideal solutions to meet specific needs of wheelchair users. Whether you are looking to purchase a new vehicle outright or looking to purchase a vehicle on the Motability scheme, our Renault advisors can assist.

Refrigerated van

Whatever your temperature control needs, Renault has the solution for you - from the smaller Kangoo van, to the Trafic, and Master Van and Chassis Cab van.

It is vital that your van meets food hygiene standards, and there are a variety of Panel Van and Box Van / Chassis cab solutions available, whether you require an insulted, heated, chilled or deep freeze solutions. We can also offer insulated curtains, multi-compartments with different temperature zones, 240V stand by and data logging equipment, as well as ATP certification where required.

Our experienced staff at Renault in Chelmsford, Colchester and St. Albans are on hand to advise and assist you with your decision, whatever your needs.

Renault Vans at Glyn Hopkin
Renault Van