Renault Vehicle Valuation

Simply give your vehicle registration and mileage along with a way to receive your valuation.

When it comes to selling your vehicle, you want to know that you can get a fair price for it. At Glyn Hopkin Renault, we’re experienced in both buying and selling cars, and can offer an accurate and honest valuation for your model, so you can drive away in your next car sooner.

Car buying services often prove to be the fastest and easiest way to sell your vehicle. There’s no need to wait for interest or facilitate viewings for multiple potential buyers. With our tool, you can obtain a free valuation simply by entering a few details. Provide your registration plate and contact details, and we’ll send you a no-obligation estimate based on current market values.

Sell Your Car to a Reputable Dealer Of course, for a more accurate quotation, we’ll need to assess the condition of your vehicle and determine whether any modifications have been made. If you’re happy with our initial estimate, arrange an appointment with our team for a final valuation. And if you’d like to part-exchange your vehicle, why not browse our extensive selection of new and used Renaults? You’re sure to find a deal that’s right for you, and with our tailored finance packages, your ideal model is within your budget.
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Get started Get started now and receive your valuation in three easy steps:
Your Vehicle Details
Step 1 Your Vehicle Details Enter your registration plate and mileage, and we’ll find your vehicle. Click to confirm we’ve got it right.
How to be Contacted
Step 2 How to be Contacted Enter your name and contact details so we can send your valuation.
Your Valuation
Done! Your Valuation We’ll provide your estimate, which is subject to a visual inspection and our terms.
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