All-New Renault Trafic

The heavy-duty Renault Trafic has become one of Europe's most successful LCVs, and the French firm hopes this all-new model will build on this lucrative base.

With an elongated frame equipped with a host of technology, this upgrade will please business users who value premium usability.



Clean lines, chrome grille, full LED headlights, dual function fog lights, C-shaped lighting signature, etc. With its modern and dynamic front-end, New TRAFIC combines robustness and endurance to create a design that helps you get the job done.

With its ergonomic dashboard, LED lights, durable and comfortable upholstery, and chrome styling.

New TRAFIC re-asserts its style and stands out from the outset. More than a van, New Trafic is designed to improve your comfort and safety.             


Your day-to-day is full of surprises. Let New TRAFIC help you meet all of life's little challenges thanks to its clever design:

  • Smart mobile office 
  • Load-through bulkhead
  • Driving assistance 
  • Android Auto™ & Apple CarPlay™ connected multimedia systems (Depending on version)

Something urgent to handle? If needed, you can stop and use your clipboard or consult your laptop thanks to a storage space in the central seat back.

"The ideal solution for keeping my laptop close at hand and to save time throughout my day." 


New TRAFIC is available with a new 2.0L engine and a new EDC automatic dual clutch gearbox.

Enjoy added comfort, power and torque, while reducing fuel consumption for 100% driving enjoyment and economy.

The new Diesel 2.0L, 5th generation engine embraces the latest technology to deliver more power (+25hp) and greater torque (+40Nm), all while lowering fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. Enjoy its drastically improved driving pleasure and reduced fuel consumption.

This system enables you to reduce your fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. The Stop & Start technology cuts your engine when stopped (traffic jam, red light, etc.) and restarts it automatically when you engage the clutch to start moving again.

Renault Trafic Range​


​Panel Van

Choose from long or short wheelbases, low or high roof, glazed or paneled. Loading is made easy thanks to the low load threshold, whilst load volumes from 5.2m3 to over 8m3 mean you'll have all the space you need.

Crew Van

Need to get tools and a team to site? The Crew Van has seating for 6 and can still carry the tools you need for the job - safely and securely.

Passenger Van

With seating for up to 9 people New TRAFIC Passenger is the ultimate way to transport clients, employees or the family.

For more information about our Renault Van range or to arrange a test drive, visit our Renault dealerships in Chelmsford, Colchester and St. Albans or contact us using the buttons above.