Renault Kangoo

The versatile Renault Kangoo is one of Europe's best-selling utility vehicles. With up to 3.5 cubic metres of loading volume, it's easy to see why. Ideal for transporting both goods and people, the Kangoo has the practicality to fulfil all your business needs.


Interior and Exterior

The Kangoo is designed with usability in mind, where a bulky frame and rigid body shell creates a modern, functional look. Produced with hard-wearing materials, the Kangoo also incorporates Renault's distinctively curvaceous styling. Solid, strong and durable, the Kangoo has become a common sight in working environments. You can also update to the Sport trim to add 15-inch alloy wheels.

A well-built and functional cabin creates a comfortable workspace, while electric windows and an on-board computer make journeying even more convenient. The van-like proportions create a wealth of space, and a rear roof flap allows you to carry even the most awkward loads.

Fold the rear seats down and you create a huge storage capacity of up to 3.5 cubic metres, and you can upgrade to the Maxi to gain an incredible 4.6 cubic metres. A carry load of up to 740kg means that you can transport heavy-duty goods with ease. Meanwhile, roof racks, bulkheads, and a towing capacity of nearly 1,050kg increase the Kangoo's usability further.


If your job involves long distance travelling, the diesel unit uses a six-speed gearbox to ensure a smoother ride quality while cruising. 

The 90bhp 1.5-litre dCi diesel also offers a powerful driving experience, with a satisfying blend of performance and economy. The Renault Kangoo uses a high performance, versatile diesel engine that's capable of reaching up to 65.7mpg*.


Bluetooth® connectivity is available, along with an axillary point for your MP3 player. The Sport trim includes a premium-style touchscreen which can be used for a variety of business needs. Alongside a host of airbags, safety features include the optional ESP, hill hold, and the Xtend control to maximise grip.

Kangoo vans also come with the option of Cruise Control and a speed limiter. This allows you to take your foot off of the pedals and drive smoothy as at a controlled pace of your choosing.

Another optional addition with the Business+ model is the light and rain sensors. These sensors automatically activate your headlights once light starts to fade, the wipers will also trigger once the sensors detect rain.


The Kangoo has an enduring suspension that's designed to withstand long journeys with heavy payloads. You'll be able to take on all terrain and rest assured that your loaded goods remain intact while driving, so need to worry about taking the van off-road!

This higher-powered diesel van will be a pleasure for drivers who regularly cover long distances on their work routes, this is because the van has a six-speed manual gearbox that makes for a more subtle, quiet and relaxing time behind the wheel while driving at cruising speeds.

Kangoo Range

Kangoo Van

Loading is completed with ease thanks to the low load threshold. Load volumes of the standard Kangoo Van go up to 3.6m3. You’ll have all the space you need.​

Kangoo Z.E. 

This model is 100% electric, has the benefit of never having to change gear and also has instant pulling power​

Kangoo Maxi Van

Load volumes for this model go up to 4.6m3. The Maxi Crew Van also has seating for 5 which means your whole team and all your tools can be taken with you.

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