Dacia Spring: Electric Revolution Hits the UK

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Introducing the All-New Dacia Spring, Dacia's first fully electric vehicle, now available as a right-hand-drive model for the first time in Europe. Boasting a fresh exterior and interior design, it offers enhanced convenience and versatility with outstanding loading capacity and clever features. Its customizable digital dashboard features a 7-inch instrument display and a central 10-inch multimedia display. With its efficient 65 hp electric motor, the Dacia Spring consumes just 14.6 kWh/62 miles (WLTP), making it exceptionally energy-efficient and lightweight. Stay tuned for the full pricing and specification details for the UK, set to be announced on March 12, 2024.

Dacia's inaugural all-electric offering, the Spring, reshaped the landscape of electric mobility upon its debut in 2021. Surging to become the third best-selling electric car to individual consumers in both 2022 and 2023, it amassed over 140,000 units registered globally. Praised for its energy efficiency and minimal carbon emissions, the Spring garnered a coveted 5-star rating from the independent European body, Green NCAP, in 2022.

Catering to a diverse audience seeking uncomplicated, budget-conscious, emissions-free transportation, the Dacia Spring has proven immensely popular. Data from onboard systems indicates that the average daily journey spans a modest 23 miles, at a leisurely pace of 23 mph, with 75% of charging occurring at home.

Continuously evolving, the Spring underwent a rebrand in 2022 and received a more robust 65 hp motor in 2023. Today, the All-New Dacia Spring achieves yet another milestone, enhancing the qualities that propelled its initial success to even greater heights.

With a refreshed, more resilient design and generous interior storage, the Spring remains pragmatic while boasting increased appeal. Its efficiency is further optimized through meticulous weight management, solidifying its position as the most economical full-electric model on the market.

Now, UK buyers can access these exceptional attributes as the Spring debuts in right-hand-drive for the first time. Pre-orders for the All-New Dacia Spring commence on March 12, 2024, with pricing details to be unveiled on the same day.

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Dacia remains steadfast in its commitment to providing unbeatable value while continuously refining the essentials. Extending this ethos to the Spring, Dacia aims to facilitate the transition to all-electric vehicles in a manner that is accessible, prioritizing efficiency, affordability, and practicality.

The All-New Spring showcases Dacia's latest design language, boasting a robust and assertive aesthetic. Inside, a dramatic transformation unfolds with a complete revamp of the entire interior space, while the roof remains the sole unchanged component of the exterior body.

David Durand, Dacia's Design Director, remarked, "As the Spring adopts the brand's fresh design approach, it signals its enduring presence as a cornerstone of the Dacia line up. We've imbued it with a sense of seriousness and confidence in its design. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the All-New Spring confidently carves out its own distinctive identity."

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Dacia's latest design language infuses the Spring with a renewed sense of strength through its meticulously structured volumes. Embracing a powerful aesthetic characterised by clean lines and a simplified silhouette, exemplified by the intricately sculpted bonnet.

The distinctive new Dacia identity is unmistakably displayed through the incorporation of two black bands, converging in a glossy finish at both the front and rear, accentuated by specific matte stripes at the rear. These elements are framed by the iconic Y-shaped light signature, featuring full-LED daytime running lights at the front and parking lights at the rear, contributing to a striking overall design.

The modern aesthetic of the All-New Spring is further enhanced by contemporary decals adorning the front and rear bumpers of the Extreme trim. Complementing this are the 15-inch wheels, adorned with meticulously crafted wheel covers, which add to the vehicle's robust demeanour.

Remaining true to the core principles of Dacia, the All-New Spring embodies a design ethos that is both clever and durable. This is evident in features such as the lightweight, affordable, and easily replaceable lower-door side protections. Additionally, in alignment with Dacia's commitment to sustainability, decorative chrome elements and roof bars have been omitted, reducing environmental impact while improving aerodynamics and range.

Available in a range of six hues, including the newly introduced Brick Red and Beige Safari colours, the All-New Spring offers a variety of options to suit individual preferences.


The dashboard has undergone a transformation, incorporating elements from Dacia’s new interior design language and integrating a new range of digital screens. The Spring now boasts a customisable digital dashboard with a 7-inch display on all versions, alongside a 10-inch multimedia central display in higher trim level models. The colour palette and materials used for the interior have been revised to offer superior quality, while reducing the variety of options to better manage costs – a key aspect of the Dacia philosophy.

Additionally, the All-New Spring showcases full-body white elements around the instrument cluster, gear stick, and door bins. The iconic Dacia "Y", situated at the heart of the central air vents, is presented in white (or copper on the Extreme trim). The central decorative accent on the instrument panel varies according to trim: Alto Gray on Essential, Brick Red on Expression, Dusty Khaki on Extreme.

Designed with practicality in mind, the All-New Spring positions the large multimedia touch screen as high as possible for optimal ergonomics. The graphic design on the customisable digital dashboard with 7-inch display has been crafted to be simple and intuitive, providing the driver with easy access to essential information. Moreover, the All-New Spring introduces innovative YouClip accessory mounts, recently revealed on the All-New Duster. Finally, the Extreme trim boasts sturdy, rubber floor mats and door sills adorned with a unique ‘topographic lines’ design.

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Dacia's All-New Spring epitomises affordability and functionality, emerging as a compelling choice for UK drivers transitioning to electric vehicles. Maintaining its position as the most cost-effective full-electric car since its inception in 2021, Dacia is committed to motivating UK motorists towards electric driving. The All-New Spring places a strong emphasis on practicality, boasting best-in-class storage capacity. With a generous boot providing 308 litres (a 6% increase from the previous model) – expandable to 1,004 litres with rear seats folded – it outshines competitors and aligns with B-segment models. Furthermore, the cabin offers nearly 33 litres of additional storage, surpassing segment norms.

To enhance utility further, the All-New Spring offers practical accessories such as additional storage beneath the front bonnet and a cutting-edge cup holder crafted using advanced 3D-printing technology. Dacia's innovative YouClip system facilitates effortless attachment of accessories, enhancing functionality. Equipped with three anchor points as standard, it accommodates storage pouches, smartphone holders, and versatile 3-in-1 attachments, available through Dacia's retail network.

The All-New Spring boasts a customisable 7-inch digital dashboard, presenting crucial information such as remaining range and energy consumption. During charging, it indicates battery levels and remaining time until full charge.

Media Control, included as standard on Essential and Expression trims, integrates multimedia functions into the steering wheel. It also features two speakers with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port. Paired with the Dacia Media Control app, it enables smartphone-driven access to radio, media, and navigation functions. Additionally, the Media Nav Live system, standard on higher trims, offers a 10-inch touch screen with real-time navigation and wireless connectivity via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, supported by two USB ports.

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In compliance with European safety standards, the All-New Spring incorporates advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), including emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, lane keep assist, and emergency stop functionality. A 'My Safety' button enables personalised ADAS settings for enhanced convenience and safety.

The All-New Dacia Spring is designed to excel in both urban environments and countryside settings. Compact at 3.70 metres in length and boasting an impressive turning circle of 4.80 metres, it offers exceptional agility for effortless manoeuvring.

Its sturdy bodywork, reinforced with solid-colour protection strips surrounding the bumpers and wheel arches, ensures resilience against daily wear and tear while maintaining a sleek appearance. The elevated ground clearance further enhances its durability, making it well-suited for tackling rugged terrain. Additionally, the All-New Spring offers a choice between a 45 hp motor or the more powerful 65 hp/48 kW motor.



The All-New Dacia Spring adopts a resource-light approach, enhancing efficiency through its lightweight design. Reflecting changes seen across all new Dacia models, it discards chrome accents and animal leather while increasing the use of fully dyed parts. Designed according to very strict criteria to precisely meet the specific needs of A-segment customers, the battery is calibrated to fit a compact platform.

Weighing just 984 kg in the top-level Extreme trim, it remains the only full-electric car in Europe under one tonne. Despite incorporating new ADAS technologies and upgraded trims, weight has only increased by 6 kg (or +0.6%) compared to previous models. Maintaining a keen focus on weight and combined with the motor's efficiency, the All-New Spring achieves impressive energy consumption of below 14.6 kWh per 62 miles, ensuring economical running costs.

The compact 26.8 kWh battery is tailored to suit the needs of All-New Spring drivers without compromising performance. With a WLTP range exceeding 137 miles for all versions (pending certification), its performance is more than sufficient for customers who travel an average of just 23 miles per day (according to data collected by on-board computers). Plus the introduction of a regenerative braking system activated via the 'B-mode’ further optimises range.

Standard with a 7 kW AC charger, it can charge from 20% to 100% in under 11 hours on a domestic outlet or in 4 hours on a 7 kW wall box. A 30 kW DC charger allows rapid charging from 20% to 80% in 45 minutes. Enhancing practicality, the New Dacia Spring features a bi-directional V2L charger, acting as a power source for electrical devices. An adapter plugs into the car’s charging connector, located under the grille, doubling as a traditional 220V/16A socket.

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The All-New Spring range now provides a wider array of options to cater to diverse customer preferences. With the introduction of the mid-range Expression trim positioned between the Essential and Extreme variants, Dacia ensures there's a model to suit every requirement. Full UK specifications will be announced in March.

Key standard features include:

  • Spring Essential: Features a 7-inch digital instrument cluster, adjustable 3-spoke steering wheel, power steering, Media Control system with USB port, speed limiter, cruise control, steering wheel radio control, remote central locking, electric front windows, rear parking sensors, and a 12V socket.
  • Spring Expression: Includes all Essential features, along with manual air conditioning and 15-inch wheels.
  • Spring Extreme: Incorporates Expression features, with added copper interior/exterior accents, power-adjustable rear mirrors and windows, Media Nav Live multimedia system boasting a 10-inch central screen, 2 USB ports, wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a bi-directional charger.


In August 2022, Dacia Spring secured a coveted 5-star rating from Green NCAP. Assessing its impact on air quality, global warming, and energy efficiency, Spring emerged as a standout performer, attributed to its efficient energy usage and minimal environmental footprint.

On February 2, 2023, Green NCAP announced Spring as the recipient of the Best Car Green NCAP 2022 award, surpassing heavyweight contenders in the market. This prestigious accolade not only symbolises excellence but also recognises Dacia's commitment to delivering vehicles with the best price-performance ratio while prioritising environmental friendliness for a wider audience.

Full UK pricing and specification will be announced on 12 March 2024. UK customers can join over 7,000 people who have already registered their interest in The All-New Dacia Spring here.