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Alfa Romeo 4C

New Alfa Romeo 4C

You will turn heads with the awe-inspiring new Alfa Romeo 4C, a joyously fast car that combines Italy's sporting heritage with ultra high-tech innovation. Whether you go for the 4C, or the soft-top 4C Spider, you'll be delighted by the lightweight finesse of Alfa Romeo's premium sports model.


Inspired by the legendary 1967 Alfa Romeo, the Alfa Romeo 4C mimics the sleek curves and slender grace of one of the world's most beautiful cars. Where the two diverge is in the 4C's revolutionary lightweight carbon-fibre frame.

Designed and built in Italy's Maserati plant, the incredible lightness of the chassis informs every element of the design. The round rear-light clusters blend into taut rear wings, while the sides fizz with energy as they taper into the iconic front grille. Every inch of the muscular yet slimline 4C is focused on pure performance.

Alfa Romeo 4C - Available at Glyn Hopkin
Alfa Romeo 4C - Available at Glyn Hopkin
Alfa Romeo 4C - Available at Glyn Hopkin


The cabin design is based on a motorsport model, with racing seats providing comfort and authenticity. The steering wheel is flat-bottomed to comply with the racing spirit of the new Alfa Romeo 4C car, while the dashboard is unfussy and orientated towards giving you total control. Upholstery comes with a choice between technical fabric and luxurious leather. To complete the sporty look, aluminium pedals and foot guards are included. 

Alfa Romeo 4C Interior - Available at Glyn Hopkin
Alfa Romeo 4C Interior - Available at Glyn Hopkin
Alfa Romeo 4C Interior - Available at Glyn Hopkin

Performance and efficiency

The 4C's full-throttle ferocity is defined by its aluminium engine. A shimmering four cylinder 1750cc turbocharged beast, the state-of-the-art 1.75-litre engine delivers outstanding sporting performance. With a peak torque of 350Nm, and ultra-high pressure fuel injection, the 4C sprints from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, while a top speed of 160mph confirms the unit's insatiable speeding agility.

Complying with strict emission standards, the new Alfa Romeo 4C car for sale at Glyn Hopkin has earned an impressive Euro 6 rating. The 240bhp engine emits 157 g/km of CO 2, delivering up to 42 mpg combined. Multiple injection control, advanced anti-friction and energy loss reduction systems ensure an eco-friendly drive.

While the carefully balanced design provides outstanding stability, the rear-wheel drive set-up gives intense performance and thrilling agility around curves. Race-derived technology gives the MacPherson suspension crisp handling prowess, along with tyres that provide unrivalled grip under acceleration.


Developed from racing technology, Alfa DNA is the unique Alfa Romeo drive mode selector. Whether you choose Dynamic to aid performance, Natural to emphasise fuel economy, or All Weather to navigate adverse conditions, the DNA allows the vehicle to adapt and mould itself to your driving style.

Advancements in scavenging allow maximum torque at low speeds, while the turbocharger exploits pressure waves to boost torque. The sophisticated transmission handles the Alfa Romeo 4C's power, as its Alfa TCT six-speed transmission selects the next gear while the previous one is still engaged. This ensures comfort and seamless driving performance.

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