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Jeep and Tough Mudder have collaborated to create the first ever ‘Tough Mudder for Jeep’ by launching the limited edition Renegade Tough Mudder.

To commemorate Jeep’s fourth year sponsoring the UK Tough Mudder series, the franchise has produced just 100 of the limited edition vehicles – which went on sale on April 27th in the UK – two days prior to the 2017 UK season kick-off at London West on April 29th. The Tough Mudder version is priced at £27,795 OTR and a 4x4 Auto 2.0 Multi-jet 140hp – available in orange and black adopting the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk front bumper to provide a more rugged appeal with exclusive features and anodized orange interior.

The Jeep / Tough Mudder innovation successfully waded through a tricky yet adventurous course designed by Tough Mudder, tackling through terrain, dirty water and the theme’s signature Tough Mudder obstacles including ‘Mud Mile’ and ‘Quagmire’ – also taking on the steep slopes and battles of ‘Killa Gorilla’ – and the treacherous Cliff Hanger obstacle.

Will Dean, Tough Mudder CEO and Co-Founder reported on the new Tough Mudder Renegade: “We are proud to partner with Jeep for the fourth consecutive year and enhance the onsite experience for participants, as Mudders from all over the UK get the opportunity to check out Jeep’s iconic fleet of vehicles. We are thrilled to partner in launching the limited edition Renegade Tough Mudder. I look forward to getting behind the wheel of the Renegade myself.”

Tough Mudder Inc. has evolved globally to become a leading active lifestyle business and leader in sports video content creation and distribution with more than 2.5 million participants to date. They will also be hosting more than 130 events worldwide in 2017 in nearly a dozen countries, whereby Jeep will be attending six UK Tough Mudder events providing a fleet of Jeep Renegade, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee vehicles – also displaying the new Renegade Tough Mudder Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition Renegade Tough Mudder is coming soon to our Glyn Hopkin Jeep Franchise.
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