Continuing its success prior to setting a new global sales record in 2018, Jeep welcomes 2019 as the year on an evolution. It’s reputation for off-road capability is unrivalled as it makes another major evolutionary step by presenting its new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, (PHEV). Enter the Jeep Renegade and the Jeep Compass, both of which feature batteries which can be recharged by the internal combustion engine or by the plug-in charging cable.

This no-compromise hybrid solution, which integrates the unmatched technical layout of each Jeep SUV, will power both the Renegade and Compass and turn them into vehicles that promote absolute freedom whilst taking their capability to the next level through eco-friendly technology.

Since its inception in 1941 with the Willys-Overland, the first 4x4 vehicle, followed in 1946 by the Willys Wagon, The Jeep E-Volution further improves its legendary off-road capabilities thanks to the greater torque offered by the electric motor, giving it the ability to adjust to any terrain with extreme precision.

While being loyal to its mindset of overcoming any limit, the Jeep brand continues to evolve, to develop and to bring its SUVs to the next level in line with its core values of freedom, authenticity and passion.

Today the brand is embracing a new challenge and setting new standards.

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