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New exclusive Jeep Renegade Unchartered Edition

A new, exclusive, Jeep Renegade inspired by the video game Uncharted 4 is to be released soon in Switzerland. Springing from the partnership between the local Jeep division and Sony PlayStation Switzerland, the one-of-a-kind car was customised by Garage Italia Customs.

The Garage Italia Customs Style Centre was inspired by the ancient map of Africa which becomes visible in the first official trailer of the game –is wrapped around the Jeep Renegade in a special film. Then, using a unique wrap-paint technique, the Garage Italia Customs craftsmen applied an innovative black thermochromic paint to conceal the entire surface of the map from sight. Gradually, the paint becomes transparent as the temperature rides, revealing the wrapping and entirely disappearing at 30 degrees. At the other end of the spectrum, when the temperature cools down the Jeep Renegade turns black.

This is the second Renegade showcar dedicated to the new Unchartered 4 game and customised by Garage Italia Customs.

Until June 5th, the two Renegade showcars will be on display during the Swiss tour of Sony PlayStation in over 30 stops. One of the cars will also be up for grabs as a prize for the winner of a mini game organised especially to celebrate the local partnership between Jeep and Sony PlayStation.

For more information about the Jeep Renegade and to arrange your test drive, visit our Jeep dealerships in Chadwell Heath, Cambridge and St. Albans or contact us using the buttons above.

Featured News