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Jeep Triumphs at 2016 OFF ROAD Magazine Awards

The expert readers of the prestigious German SUV and 4x4 specialist magazine “OFF ROAD” have chosen their favourite off-road vehicles for 2016 at the annual OFF ROAD AWARDS, choosing from a total of 126 models across 12 categories. Following in 2015’s footsteps, Jeep once again achieved two first places.

Claiming the first top position was the Jeep Renegade which won the title of best “Subcompact” vehicle in the C category with a score of 44.5%, making it the first choice of almost half of the OFF ROAD readers who participated in the vote, with the nearest runner up earning only 16.7% of the votes. No doubt its classic Jeep design, as well as class-leading 4x4 capabilities was big contributors for OFF ROAD readers.

The iconic Jeep Wrangler was also awarded a first place price in the “Off-Road vehicle” A category, totalling 38% of the readers’ votes. The Wrangler is the true descendent of the 1941 Willys MB – the world’s first light 4x4 vehicle and a milestone vehicle in the automotive industry.

The flagship Jeep Grand Cherokee was also named favourite imported luxury SUV in the “Luxury SUV” B category.

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Featured News