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Branded as 4x4 Magazines’ ‘4x4 of the Year’, the Renegade is among a raft of vehicles to be seen on ‘999’ emergency duty in Italian resorts.

The award-winning Renegade is among a fleet of Jeep SUVs converted into rescue and emergency vehicles deployed nationwide across Italy this summer in various travel destinations.

In 2016, the Italian Police Force introduced the Renegade – the Carabinieri – the Guardia di Finanza, the Fire Brigade and the State Police and will offer reassurance to the UK and European tourists and Italian motorists this summer. Jeep vehicles are currently being used by the Red Cross in Italy to reassert the capabilities of a Jeep 4x4 to reach tricky areas of the country in case of natural or man-made disaster.

The notion for rescue and emergency services is rooted in the 1941 Willys-Overland MA/MB – an ageless symbol of freedom in which during World War II became an invincible relief vehicle. The same tradition continued in the USA with the Siebert Ambulance in 1951.

In the contemporary day, vehicles including the Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Renegade are first choice for rescue and emergency services in Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK, whereby Renegade is utilised as a surveillance vehicle and Grand Cherokee for Ground Control support to UK airport fire command services.

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Featured News