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​ Jeep Brand Celebrates 75 Years​

Jeep is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and what better way to highlight this than with two new distinct videos that were showcased during the Superbowl 2016, recognising the brand milestone, both playing tribute to its legacy as well as looking ahead to its future.

The first video named “Portraits” takes a dip into the past, acknowledging the many people, faces and moments that have shaped the history of the brand which started in 1941. With the line “We don’t make Jeep you do” the video recognises its global appeal and its worldwide community of fans, followers and drivers. From the brave soldiers of World War II, to the opportunists of the present day, every person has an incredible story to tell about how Jeep has affected their life.

Set behind an original score, “Portraits” uses more than 60 carefully put together images from around the world including famous icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Aretha Franklin as well as pop culture moments such as Jurassic Park. Together, these all have a link to the legendary Jeep vehicles and pay a tribute to both the spirit and humanity that has come to embody the brand.

The “4x4ever” video binds the brand’s global community and drives Jeep followers towards the future. With a custom made track made especially for the brand, “4x4ever” brings to life in the song the idea that the Jeep is made not just for those with a life without boundaries, but that it fuels the dreams and aspirations of all adventurers around the globe, while offering exceptional on-road and off-road performance.

“4x4ever” is the foundation of the brand, telling the story of its capabilities and design that has exceeded over time, while providing a peek into the breadth of what the brand is capable of in the future.

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