Why Go Electric? Renowned for its off-roaders, Jeep is unrivalled when it comes to terrain-conquering vehicles. Its line-up is distinctive and robust, offering both private and business users an eye-catching and dependable way to reach their destination. With the introduction of the Renegade 4xe Plug-in Hybrid comes a more efficient way to journey into the great outdoors.

Benefits of buying electric

Choosing an electric or hybrid vehicle means you can enjoy greater fuel economy and help to reduce air and noise pollution. These models are cheaper to run, typically costing between 2-4p per mile, and have lower maintenance costs too. You’ll also have access to low-emissions zones when driving in electric-only mode, and performance is often enhanced by the electric motor, which provides additional power and instant torque. Business users pay a lower benefit-in-kind rate on plug-in hybrid and electric models thanks to their lower emissions.

Types of electric vehicle

Jeep’s current offering only includes plug-in hybrid models.

    Self Charging Hybrid A self-charging hybrid uses power from the engine and technology such as regenerative braking to re-charge the battery pack. Electric-only range is limited, but there’s no need to plug the vehicle in. Search Stock
    All Electric All-electric vehicles (EVs) run completely on electric power, without the support of a combustion engine. They must be plugged into an electrical source to recharge. Search Stock


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