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Simply give your vehicle registration and mileage along with a way to receive your valuation.
Sell Your Car to a Reputable Dealer If you’re planning on selling your current vehicle - whether to raise finances or to help in financing a new purchase - the process of parting with it privately can be cumbersome. With Glyn Hopkin Honda, you can sell your car to a dealer quickly and efficiently, and all for a competitive price. We at Glyn Hopkin Honda Colchester in Essex don’t just sell cars - we buy them too. By using our online vehicle valuation tool, you will be able to receive an almost instant quote for your vehicle. You will then be able to use this information to proceed to sell privately or let us manage the purchasing process on your behalf. If you wish to use in part exchange for any of the Honda models we have in stock, we can even arrange for this. Note that, while we endeavour to provide an accurate valuation of your vehicle online, the final price paid may change. This is due to our in-person appraisal taking a more detailed look at the overall condition of the vehicle.
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Done! Your Valuation We’ll provide your accurate valuation and details on how to proceed in selling your car.
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