Honda named most reliable manufacturer by OCU

Honda has been named as most reliable manufacturer by a survey carried out by Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU). The survey was completed by over 30,000 European drivers focusing on the reliability of over 178 models, with Honda coming out on top as the most reliable car brand.

Overall, Honda claimed top position in the survey, receiving an impressive reliability rating of 93/100, with a further 79% of survey respondents saying that they would recommend a Honda vehicle. The Honda Jazz was rated as the top car in terms of reliability in the ‘utility’ vehicles category, while the Honda Civic, CR-V and Insight also placed in the top 10 of most reliable cars in their respective categories.

The OCU focuses on one of the key considerations for consumers when buying a car – reliability. To test how reliable a car is the survey aims to find out if owners had experienced breakdowns in the past year and to find out the type of problems they had experienced. From this data they establish a reliability index which can be used to compare the likelihood of a breakdown between different makes and models on the market.

Honda Motor Europe’s Senior Vice President, Philip Ross said: “Reliability and quality are synonymous with the Honda brand” and “the results of the survey highlight the importance of the quality commitments Honda has made to its customers.”

He further went on to say that it is important for Honda to “ensure customers can experience the joy of owning a Honda vehicle and enjoy driving them with the peace of mind that the cars are among the least likely to experience breakdowns.”

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