Honda launches in-car bike rack for Civic Tourer

Encouraged by the positive response across Europe to the Civic Tourer ‘Active Life Concept’ at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda is now set to launch a new bicycle transport system.

The new system is an innovative ‘In-car Bicycle Rack’ which can easily transport up to two full-size bicycles within the load bay, and provides improved security, safety and fuel efficiency when compared to a roof or rear-mounted rack.

Designed for racing bicycles in particular, the new system presents a convenient storage solution fot the frame and demounted front wheel, giving owners additional security and protection against the weather. The in-car design also ensures the vehicle retains the exceptional fuel economy that helped it achieve a Guinness World Record title last year.

The in-car bicycle rack takes advantages of the Civic Tourer’s class-leading load space and unique centre fuel tank layout. An aluminium rail is mounted in the deep boot well and sliding brackets are attached to the rail, which features a T-bar for the bicycle’s front fork to slot onto.

The rear wheel sits on the back of the folded-down rear seat, while tall uprights at each edge of the rail have a slot to secure the front wheel hub.

Thanks to its flexibility the system can offer different combinations of passengers and bicycles when required. A driver and passengers can sit up front with two full-size bicycles securely mounted behind them. Alternatively, just 40% of the rear bench seat can be folded down with one bicycle in the load bay, allowing extra space in the back seats for an additional passenger and luggage.

Phill Webb, Head of Cars at Honda UK, commented: “The addition of this cycling accessory for the Civic Tourer once more demonstrates the inherent nature of the Honda brand. It also goes to show just how much you can get into the back of a Civic Tourer.”

Priced at £285 for one bicycle and just £150 more for a second bike, Honda’s innovative In-Car Bicycle Rack will be available through selected dealers from October 2016.

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