New VTEC TURBO Engines Introduced By Honda

Honda has announced that two all-new downsized turbo petrol engines will be coming to Europe in 2017. The two new VTEC TURBO engines will consist of a 1-litre and a 1.5-litre version and will form part of the powertrain line-up for the 10th generation Civic, set for launch in Europe in early 2017.

The first new VTEC TURBO was launched this year in the current Civic Type R and had an engine of 2-litres. This engine is capable of 310ps and has a rocketing time of 5.7 seconds from 0-62 mph.

The all-new engines will be part of Honda’s growing Earth Dreams Technology range and are aimed to deliver a blend of dynamic performance, class-leading output and exceptional fuel-economy. Based on a completely new engine structure, the new engines will feature variable valve motion technology to reduce friction and attain superior output and environmental performance. In addition, to achieve a good balance between high output and torque, the new engines use a turbocharger with a low moment of inertia, high responsiveness and direct injection technology making them more advanced than those naturally-aspirated engines.

After being announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the all-new Civic is due to arrive in Europe in early 2017. Honda has confirmed investment of over £200 million in new production technologies and processes to prepare for the new model.