Fiat Car Finance

As part of one of the UK's largest motoring groups, Glyn Hopkin understand the wants and needs of the nation's motorists. We know that many drivers prefer to finance their vehicle for convenience and as a result we offer them a range of Fiat car finance options. They are available across our network of nine dealerships where you will be supported by an experienced adviser when choosing your next model and payment agreement.

Our Fiat car finance plans cater for the individual requirements of our broad customer base, and today include:

  • Hire purchase;
  • Personal contract plans;
  • Leasing; and
  • Contract hire.

Any new vehicle on sale today can be funded through one of the above which each provide their own set of benefits. Leasing allows you to avoid the commitment of full ownership and enjoy access to vehicles for an agreed period of time. Meanwhile, hire purchase enables you to pay for a car in instalments and eventually become the outright owner.


In the unfortunate event that you should ever have your car written off by your motor insurers as a result of accidental damage, fire or theft there is a chance that the insurance settlement you receive may fall considerably short of the original invoice price of the car. In some cases the figure offered may not even be sufficient to pay off the finance settlement figure. GAP Insurance works by providing you with cover in the event of each eventuality.

Shortfall GAP Provides protection for you in the event that your finance settlement figure exceeds the insurance write off value by making up the difference between the two figures.

Subject to terms and conditions.

Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable adviser about each Fiat car finance option and the advantages to choosing it.