Why Go Electric? Known for producing vehicles with flair and agility, Fiat is a brand that effortlessly mixes style with performance. Its most popular model, the 500 is available as a mild hybrid variant, and the new 500 Electric represents its first foray into all-electric motoring, providing drivers with a greener way to stand out on the road.

Benefits of buying electric

The primary benefit of buying an electric vehicle is, of course, that it’s a cleaner option, reducing air and noise pollution. There are more direct benefits too however, including cheaper running and maintenance costs, lower road tax, and access to low-emissions zones without incurring a cost penalty. Electric vehicles are easy to drive too, and with their immediate torque delivery, acceleration is swift.

Types of electric vehicle

Fiat has both mild hybrid and fully electric vehicles in its line-up.

All-electric An all-electric vehicle (EV) has no combustion engine and runs entirely on electric power supplied by a battery pack.

EVs are charged using an electrical power supply.
Mild hybrid A mild hybrid has a small battery that’s used to boost engine power when needed and reduce fuel consumption.
There’s no electric-only range available on these models.
Plug In Hybrid A plug in hybrid combines petrol and electric power for a more efficient drive. These vehicles have electric-only driving capability and must be plugged into an electrical power source in order to recharge the battery.


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