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Renault Zoe

The new generation of city cars offers a cost-effective, reliable way to reduce your carbon footprint. The Renault Zoe is powered by a lithium-ion battery and emits no CO 2. Agile and rapid for fun urban driving, the Zoe offers a better, cleaner way to drive.


The smooth, sculpted lines of the Zoe are designed for motion, with classy detailing in the head and tail lights. Clues in the Zoe's styling denote its Zero Emissions (ZE) status such as the oversized and blue-tinted Renault badge on the front which doubles as a charging point.


The contemporary chic of the interior makes matches this innovative electric vehicle perfectly. In addition to the calm, refined environment created by the lack of engine noise, the light coloured trim and supportive seats make for a relaxing drive. A digital display replaces conventional dials to give you range and speed at a glance. With enough space for five people plus luggage to travel in comfort, the Zoe is the practical way to reduce your carbon emissions.

Renault Zoe - available at Glyn Hopkin
Renault Zoe - available at Glyn Hopkin
Renault Zoe - available at Glyn Hopkin

Performance and efficiency

You will be quick off the mark with the Zoe's impressive low gear acceleration, making it perfect for the stop and start of city driving. When you put your foot down, 220Nm is delivered immediately by the electric motor making the performance feel responsive and springy. The light, sharp steering makes it relaxing to manoeuvre. The Zoe has two modes; standard and Eco, with a range of 130 miles when in Eco Mode. The digital display gives an accurate read out of the range at all times so you can embark on your journey with complete peace of mind. Charge the battery from home overnight or boost your range with a fast charge, which gives you 80 percent capacity in just 30 minutes. Fast charging points are available all over the country, with many fuel stations offering this facility.


Electric vehicles are the transport of the future and the two trim levels of the Zoe have the innovative technology to match. The entry level Expression variant comes well-equipped with Bluetooth ® connectivity and voice controlled TomTom satellite navigation with a seven-inch touchscreen. Forget climbing into a freezing cold car on a winter morning; the My Z.E. Inter@ctive Pack allows you to control heating and cooling of the car remotely while it charges. Safety is second nature to the Zoe, with systems such as hill-start assist and traction control keeping you safe as you drive. Upgrade to the Dynamique Inten or Dynamique Zen models to enjoy an upgraded sound system and rear parking sensors as standard.

New Renault Zoe Cars For Sale

With no engine noise or CO2 emmisions, the new Renault Zoe cars for sale here at Glyn Hopkin are the perfect car for city driving. We have more than 35 dealerships representing Renault, Alfa Romeo, Dacia and more. The futuristic new Renault Zoe cars for sale are revolutionary, combining agility and dynamism with some of teh most advanced electric technology.

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Test drive the Renault Zoe to experience the difference that electric driving can make. To find out more information and arrange your test drive, visit our Renault dealerships in Chelmsford, Colchester and St. Albans, or contact us using the buttons above.

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