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The new NSX

The new NSX


Hot to handle, the new Honda NSX for sale at Glyn Hopkin is a lean performance supercar tuned for both racetrack and road. With agile efficiency and perfectly refined power along with the most advanced technologies, Honda have created the ultimate hybrid supercar.


Aerodynamically tested in Honda’s wind tunnel, the new Honda NSX offers an agile and responsive ride. Every element of the NSX’S exterior has been carefully sculpted for high-speed stability, this includes modifications to the bonnet vents, side air intakes and boot spoiler.

With its all-aluminium composite and steel body, the new Honda NSX transmits a striking and bold profile. Stepping out of Honda’s usual conservative design the NSX’S low roofline, gaping side vents, dazzling LED headlights and sharp blades on the bumpers give it an unmistakable look on the road.

As standard the new Honda NSX had 19-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels. For immediate brake response, they have carbon ceramic discs with six-pot callipers on the front, and four-pot callipers at the back.


Inside, the new Honda NSX for sale at Glyn Hopkin is trimmed in bright red leather, with driver and passenger surrounded by the high centre console and premium dashboard that has been inspired by a ‘naked sports bike’ – one of the NSX’s primary design inspirations.

Taking centre stage is the engine start button which is situated within the Integrated Dynamics System dial control, allowing the driver to choose between four switchable chassis modes – Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track. Quiet mode allows the car to be driven on battery power only for short distances whereas high performance Track driving mode is claimed to ‘reveal the full spectrum of the NSX’s capabilities’.


The heart of the new Honda NSX’s powertrain is a 75-degree, twin-turbocharged V6 engine and three electric motors that expect to offer a combined power output of 572bhp. One of the electric motors sits between the engine and gearbox and supports acceleration, braking and transmission shifting performance, whilst the other two are mounted on NSX’s front axle.

The petrol-electric hybrid powertrain drives an all-new nine-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. This new clutch ensures the best possible efficiency at any speed as well as delivering a smooth and immediate throttle response.

The NSX also has the lowest centre of gravity in its class thanks to a high proportion of its mass being contained towards the middle of the car.

The new NSX is due to go on sale in spring 2016 with further specifications being released nearer to the date. The NSX is available now for pre-order at Glyn Hopkin. For more information visit one of our Honda dealerships or contact us using the buttons above.

The new NSX 360° View