Nissan reveal new IDS Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan has just revealed a brand-new concept at the Tokyo Motor Show aimed to represent Nissan’s future vision of autonomous driving and zero emission EVs – The Nissan IDS Concept.

This new concept represents what Nissan believes next-generation vehicles should be, combining both advanced vehicle control and safety technologies with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

The Nissan IDS Experience

The Nissan IDS promises a very different vision of tomorrow offering a choice of standard ‘Manual’ drive or ‘Piloted’ drive which turns over driving to the vehicle with all aspects imitating the driver's own style and preferences.

In addition, the Nissans IDS Concept AI communicates like an attentive partner. From information concerning traffic conditions to the driver’s schedule and personal interests, the IDS has the whole package to offer a comfortable, enjoyable and safe drive.

Interior Design

Nissan has used the expression ‘together we ride’ for the new IDS concept’s design and this has been illustrated perfectly with the interior of the model.

The IDS concept has different interiors depending on whether the driver opts for Piloted drive or Manual drive. Even though it is a hatchback don’t be fooled as this neat concept’s long wheelbase enables comfortable seating space for four adults. 

However, the cabin becomes even more open when the driver selects Piloted Drive. In this mode the steering wheel withdraws into the centre of the instrument panel and a large flat screen comes out. Illuminated by soft light the interior made by natural materials comes alive. In addition, all four seats rotate slightly inward, aiding easier conversation – almost like relaxing in a living room!

Selecting manual drive puts the driver in control. The interior transforms with all seats facing forward, as well as the steering wheel presenting driving metres and a heads-up display that shows the route and other driving information. Contributing to the feeling of a more open space are hollow-structure A-pillars to help ensure excellent visibility and blue interior lighting to help the driver concentrate.

Exterior Design

For fully autonomous driving to be widely accepted, people need to have trust in the technology. Through its innovative communication capabilities, the Nissan IDS also provides harmony outside the car. This is demonstrated through various exterior lights and displays, maintaining awareness of both pedestrians and other surroundings.

For example, the car’s silver body line is actually an LED light that shines red when a pedestrian or cyclist is nearby, signalling that the car is aware of them. Another feature is the electronic display which faces outside from the instrument panel and can flash messages such as “After you” to pedestrians further adding to this harmonious system.

Performance and Technology

The Nissan IDS concept is incorporated with the most advanced aerodynamic technology design. Minimising aerodynamic drag is the 1,380 mm carbon fiber body and tyres have been put close to the corners to ensure maximum interior space. Nissan have used large-diameter wheels for high performance and sportiness, but have used very thin tyres to minimise air and roll resistance.

Thanks to its outstanding full-carbon-fibre body the IDS Concept can meet the need for long distances with its high-capacity 60 kWh battery. Other technologies for the model include Piloted Park that can be operated from a smartphone or tablet, and wireless charging technologies which can enable the driver to leave parking and charging to the car.

Nissan believes the new IDS Concept will evolve into a leading innovation for next generation mobility and that in order for our car-based society to be sustainable complex issues such as sustainable energy supplies, climate change, air pollution and traffic safety must be addressed.

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