OLEV Announce Their Support Towards Plug-In Car Grants

Much to the delight of Mitsubishi, the OLEV (Office of Low Emission Vehicles) has announced that they will continue to support the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant at the same level for all categories of vehicle – providing motorists with 35% off the cost of their car, up to a maximum of £5,000.

Mitsubishi believe that the success of the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant programme has been instrumental in the sudden growth in the ultra-low emission vehicle segment, so are delighted that the scheme is to continue.

Managing Director or Mitsubishi Motors UK, Lance Bradley, commented: “We have seen ultra-low emission vehicles rapidly establish a one per cent share of UK sales in a period of time unprecedented in automotive terms. The same short timescale has seen a dramatic shift in buyer preference from pure electric vehicles to plug-in hybrid technology, which now accounts for two-thirds of ultra-low emission vehicle sales. Clearly the market is moving quickly and still forming. We welcome the Government’s decision to continue these incentives in a way which recognises the fledgling nature of this low emissions market. Car manufacturers invest in new technologies on the basis of three to five year horizons for market introduction.”

The announcement that the Plug-in Car Grant will remain is fantastic news for Mitsubishi. The Outlander PHEV is still the UK’s number one selling plug-in vehicle, selling 14,000 units since its launch – accounting for around half of all plug-in grant applications in that time frame.

The four-wheel drive SUV boasts an-all electric range of up to 32.5 miles, easily catering to average daily driving distances whilst an efficient 2.0 litre petrol engine with a range in excess of 500 miles is on hand to provide stress-free long distance journeys.

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