New Honda e

This is not a prototype...

The all-new, all-electric Honda e is a dream made real with its unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Created for city life, the new Honda e is agile and spirited, simple but sophisticated yet compact and spacious. Giving you pure driving pleasure and, of course, no emissions.

The Honda e is in our showroom now!


The combination of design simplicity and advanced technology can be seen in every detail. High definition cameras replace door mirrors, enhancing visibility and reducing the car’s width. The door handles are flush to the bodywork, extending out when access is required, while front lights, cameras and radar are all integrated into a single, cohesive design.

A calm and uncluttered place created with restful colours and high-quality materials. Spacious and light, it’s designed to give you maximum room and total comfort. The full-width digital dashboard keeps you informed, entertained and connected to the things you love; giving you intuitive control over a range of intelligent applications and services. The full-width digital dashboard screens can also be personalised, so wherever you are, it’ll always be your own space.

Electricity provides the perfect energy for city driving, with up to 154PS and 315Nm of torque giving immediate and smooth acceleration, without the need to change gear. Its near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, independent suspension and low centre of gravity, deliver a responsive and agile driving experience. The Honda e is focused on providing a comfortable and relaxing ride but if you want a more exhilarating experience, you can switch to Sport mode, which boosts performance through faster acceleration. What’s more, by using the Single Pedal Control, you can accelerate and decelerate using just one pedal; push your foot down to go and take it off to brake. Simple. There is also a brake pedal that can be used if required. The Honda e is highly manoeuvrable around town, with a turning radius of only 4.3m. Whilst the ‘hands-free’ Honda Parking Pilot, will assist you getting into the tightest spaces.

The Honda e possesses a range of up to 136 miles, providing ample capacity for weekly urban driving. The mains connection is via a convenient charging point, situated under the bonnet. This incorporates an at-a-glance LED indication of battery status. You can charge to 80% capacity in 30 minutes with a rapid charger* - less time than it takes to charge a smartphone. *For more details on charging specification of the Honda e please see the technical data page.

The Honda e is clever, you can communicate with it remotely from your smartphone via our My Honda+ app. Amongst other things, this allows you to schedule charge times, close the car windows, or pre-heat the interior, giving you a warm welcome on cold days. You can even use your smartphone as a digital key to lock and unlock the car. The voice activated Honda Personal Assistant can hold a natural conversation with you, using contextual understanding to learn how to offer you relevant recommendations, based on your specific requirements. So, if you need help checking the weather, finding the nearest charging point, your favourite music or choice of restaurant, your Honda Personal Assistant is there for you.

Pure Electric Performance Honda e
Designed Around You Honda e
Seamless, Sleek & Modern Honda e

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