New Honda e

The all-electric Honda e is a dream made real with its unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Created for city life, the new Honda e is agile and spirited, simple but sophisticated yet compact and spacious. Giving you pure driving pleasure and, of course, no emissions.

The Honda e is in our showroom now!



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Designing the Future The Honda e was created by questioning everything: this unique car is the end result of this questioning. Fun to drive, safe and appealing to the eye, the Honda e is how we drive today…and into the future.
Pop-out door handles – a discreet touch Stand-out style elements, which accentuate the clean, uncluttered profile of the Honda e, include ‘pop-out’ door handles. The handles are flush to the bodywork, extending out when access is required.
Side Camera Mirror System The Side Camera Mirror System replaces conventional door mirrors with compact cameras, providing live images to two six-inch screens inside the vehicle. At either end of the dashboard, these screens are in an ergonomic position – ensuring a natural feel and vision for the driver. Visibility is improved in both ‘Normal view’ and ‘Wide view’ settings, further extending the field of vision and reducing blind spots.
Front Lights Seen and be seen. Bold, ‘eye-like’ LED headlights illuminate the way. Unlock the car. The headlights convey the impression they are giving you a warm welcome. During the daytime, running lights keep you visible while you’re zipping around the city. Bright, perfect circles, they seemingly show the car’s personality with its human-centric design.
Rear Lights Driving in the city typically involves a lot of stops and starts. The Honda e's bright, perfectly round LED taillights are unmissable from behind. A clear safety statement. Modern brake light design with a healthy dose of retro respect built-in.
Alloy Wheels The Honda e comes with 16” alloy wheels while the Honda e Advance offers the choice between 16” and 17” wheels. The 17” alloys have specially designed covers to keep them free from brake dust. A relatively long wheelbase, wide track and short overhangs facilitate exceptional urban manoeuvrability and dynamic driving characteristics.


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Look Up The panoramic sky roof conveys a sense of space, letting in the light and offering sweeping views. All while comfortably insulated from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Room to relax Inside, the spacious cabin feels like a comfortable lounge. A calm, uncluttered interior with a modern aesthetic creates a relaxed ambience, with maximum legroom and total comfort.
Space everywhere There is no centre console, so the interior feels even wider. This sense of spaciousness is enhanced by the walk-through flat floor in the front and rear of the cabin. Settle into the comfortable seats and enjoy the full-screen instrument panel – it really feels like a smooth journey through space.
Room for more With a 171 L boot, you’ve got space. Add to it by folding the back seat down to make more room for luggage and other large items. The Honda e was designed to be flexible inside.
Looks small, acts big The living room design continues so that the Honda e positively cossets its rear seat passengers with excellent comfort and legroom.
Trim The Honda e's seats are covered in hard wearing yet soft to touch fabric. They are as supportive and comfortable as you’d wish to find in your home.
Dashboard The full-width digital dashboard includes five high-resolution colour screens, designed for easy use of connected apps and services. Important vehicle information, including power and charge status, drive mode and safety features, is provided by the 8.8-inch TFT metre instrument display just at your fingertips.
Leather steering wheel Luxurious yet sporty, the leather steering wheel puts many of the controls you need at your fingertips. It delivers easy multi-tasking so you don't need to take your eyes off the road.


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More Power to You The Honda e is equipped with a high-power electric motor delivering up to 154 PS and torque in excess of 315 Nm. The 35.5 kW⋅h battery in the Honda e is one of the most compact in its class, contributing to an exceptional balance of low weight, fast-charging capability and a maximum range of 137 miles – perfect for everyday commuting.
One Pedal. Total Control Made for city driving, Single Pedal Control allows you to accelerate and slow the Honda e using only the accelerator pedal. When it is depressed, the car accelerates as normal; release it and automatic regenerative braking will occur, slowing the car. Single Pedal Control simplifies driving in urban environments, making the drive more seamless with maximum control for the driver. The brake pedal remains for emergency stops.


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Stay connected wherever you go Keep connected with the infotainment displays that occupy two 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens on the full-width digital dashboard. A range of smart apps and services are easily accessed by you and your passenger, enabling you to select and view separate apps side by side. The intuitive interface is like a smartphone, with swipe controls that allow content to swap across both screens, meaning that your passenger can swipe navigation info to the driver and then search for a playlist.
A bigger picture The Side Camera Mirror System includes ergonomically-positioned screens at each end of the dash to ensure a natural feel and vision. The Centre Camera Mirror System* displays the image from a rear-view camera for an even wider picture of the vehicles behind you.
Charge it Plug into electricity whenever you need to: your Honda e has a 230 V outlet alongside other ports. Charge up phones, tablets, computers and more. There's no need to go home to feel at home.
We Have You Covered Honda SENSING puts a comprehensive suite of safety and driver assistance technologies at your disposal. These include Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Warning.
My Honda+ Take control of your Honda e with our My Honda+ app. Lock, charge and protect your car or start the AC from anywhere. Get a charging status and maintenance reminders. Honda technology is at its finest in this next-generation electric vehicle.

*Available on Honda e Advance


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Honda e - Compatible with My Honda+
- Full width dual screen
- Leather steering wheel
- Single pedal control
- Smart entry & start
- Front heated seats
- Charging port
- LED Daytime running lights
- Sky roof
- Pop-out door handles
- Rear privacy glass
- Side Camera Mirror System
- 16” alloy wheel
- Power output: 136 PS
Honda e Advance - Centre Camera Mirror System
- Heated Steering Wheel
- Honda Parking Pilot
- 230 V outlet
- 16” or 17” alloy wheel
- Power Output: 154 PS
- Around View Monitor
- Premium Audio with 8 speakers
- Blind Spot Monitor
- Cross Traffic Monitor
- Heated Front Windscreen
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