Save up to £600 per year by opting for a Bi-Fuel engine in your new Dacia.

Bi-Fuel is now here!

The all-new 1.0-litre turbo Bi-Fuel 100 engine combines petrol and LPG fuel to deliver reduced fuel costs,lower emissions and improved performance without compromising on quality.

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On average, customers could save around £594 per year by opting for the new Sandero Stepway Bi-Fuel model.

In the Sandero, the new powertrain is capable of up to 39.8mpg with CO2 emissions as low as 116g/km when in LPG mode, a drop of nine per cent compared to its petrol setting.

Meanwhile, the Duster returns up to 35.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 129g/km when using LPG, a reduction of 11 per cent when driven solely on petrol.

Benefits of Bi-Fuel Engines

More Affordable Running Costs

  • Competitive price, no compromises on quality.
  • 3-year or 60,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first), the same as our other award winning vehicles in the range.
  • 3 years roadside assistance
  • LPG is a substantially lower cost fuel at around 50% cheaper than petrol or diesel
  • Very Generous Range

    The vehicle features two separate fuel tanks, one for petrol and one for LPG.

    With two full tanks, the vehicle has a cumulative range of around 620 miles (1,000 km): you could drive from Brighton to Inverness without refuelling!

    Easy Maintenance

  • The servicing interval for Bi-Fuel engines is the same as petrol & diesel engines: oil change every 18,000 miles or two years and light annual servicing.
  • The maintenance costs of Bi-Fuel engines are equivalent to petrol engines (just two additional gas filters).

  • Bi-Fuel Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: The additional cost on purchase seems excessive to me!

    There is a lower additional cost than when changing from petrol to diesel. It pays for itself quickly (under 8,000 miles) thanks to the price of LPG at the pump.

    Q2 : Isn’t it a little dangerous? Who adapts the engine?

    The conversion is done at factory by our Engineers. It uses all the safety components needed and required by law to eliminate any risk: anti-return valve, 80% fill speed limiter,

    flow limiter, solenoid valve and safety valve. Lastly, the warranty level is identical: a total manufacturer warranty for the vehicle AND the conversion.

    Q3: LPG engines consume more, that’s not good for my wallet or the environment!

    While LPG engines consume 25% more than petrol engines, the price at the pump is far lower so you make real savings. The dual tank offers a greater range than diesel as you have

    a Petrol and LPG tank. You can still choose the fuel to match your needs and uses. Lastly, LPG emits less CO2 and NOx than petrol. It makes a smaller contribution to climate change.

    Q4: With LPG, can I go anywhere, at any time?

    Yes, LPG vehicles are not affected by restrictions during pollution peaks or future charges for entering some large cities. For example ULEZ and Clean Air Zones. LPG vehicles are not

    allowed on the Euro tunnel though, so the Ferry should be taken for trips to the continent.

    Q5: Where do you fill up with LPG, are there many pumps available?

    1,400 stations throughout the UK stock LPG. There are apps available for locating service stations stocking LPG. Example for the UK: myLPG.eu

    Q6: With this new tank, is the boot smaller?

    No, not at all! The tank takes the place of the spare wheel, so there is no reduction in boot space. The spaciousness and modular layout options of your choice of Dacia vehicle

    are unaffected. A puncture repair kit is available as standard in all Dacia Bi-Fuel vehicles.

    Q7: Are Bi-Fuel engines reliable?

    Dacia have been manufacturing such engines for many years and they are built using proven technology. 1 in 3 Dacia’s in Italy contain LPG technology.

    Find Out More: To find out more about the Dacia range and to arrange your test drive, visit our Dacia dealerships in Chelmsford, Colchester and St Albans, or contact us using the buttons above for a call back.

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